#124 Harlem Roulette

- Uh, it's about the last night of Frankie Lymon's life. Frankie Lymon who sang 'Why do fools fall in love' and had one of the most beautiful voices ever and then got drafted in the middle of his fame.

He then went AWOL but then by then his voice had changed. And music had kind of moved on. And he was having kind of a hard time finding a place to fit in. But then there were a bunch of little labels, and one called 'Roulette' offered him a deal. He went in and tracked a bunch of songs. You know in those days you'd go in and track like ten songs you know and then leave.

And he did and he had gotten just enough money to buy some more dope and he went home and overdosed. And 'Sea breeze' the song I mention in the first verse is one of the last things he recorded.

Yeah, I don't know, I have. I don't know why cause I myself was not a child star, but people who get famous too young, and then it just ruins them. These people, I get really sad thinking about it.

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